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Xiamen Wanhuichun Paper & Plastic Products Co., Ltd

        China Xiamen Wanhuichun Paper & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has 10 years of operating history. As a leading manufacturer of paper products such as paper cups, paper bowls, and paper boxes, we have advanced fully automated production machinery and equipment with a monthly production capacity of more than 70 million, and have been cooperating with many large companies around the world.        

        We can not only provide you with high-quality paper products, but also provide high-quality after-sales service. Well-trained engineers will provide you with any technical support, I am happy to help you get the best profit

       Our core competitiveness is quality and service, and our markets are North America, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. Our sales slogan is to make your business run smoothly with the quality of our products. Hope to be your honest dealer and trustworthy supplier in China..

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Salma Seven

Business Owner / CEO

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